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Our employees
are at the heart
of our responsible approach

ALTEN Group employees have missions covering all engineering sectors, support and sales functions. Whatever their career paths, they are given full support by HR so that the finest talents are able to emerge and develop.

Developing skills and enhancing employability

The ALTEN Group is committed to ensuring that each employee possesses the necessary means to master his/her craft, develop his/her employability and adapt to constant advances in technology.
Dedicated structures, including an internal university, and training modules tailored to each type of business function have been set up to allow everyone to enhance their skills.

Career management

Fotolia_13597638_SALTEN develops processes to identify skills and expectations so as to ensure that its projects closely match its employees’ desires.

The ALTEN HR process is based on three types of interview: an annual assessment, follow-up interviews and career interviews.

This dynamic, cross departmental and transnational career management ensures the constant evolution, both horizontally and vertically, of the group’s employees working in the managerial and technical fields, opening up new prospects for their professional development.

ALTEN’s workforce has talent

200173427-001_22ALTEN has created a programme supporting the personal passions and initiatives of its employees in the sporting, humanitarian, scientific and cultural arenas. This programme aims to promote the wealth and diversity of the human tapestry formed by the group’s teams. The projects supported by the group are reported on via the ALTEN blog.

Diversity and Equal Opportunities

Fotolia_14437688_LIn ALTEN, diversity nurtures the Group’s values and its human resources policy.

A process for managing the career paths of employees known as “seniors” has been established, based on career counselling, training, and the transfer of expertise to young graduates.

ALTEN encourages cultural diversity: 83 nationalities are represented in the group’s workforce, which is a true melting pot of skills and personalities.

Our internal policy relative to the recruitment and job retention for employees with disabilities and links with the sheltered corporate sectors (ESAT/EA) have been gradually strengthened. A programme of awareness of and changing attitudes to disability is deployed in order to firmly embed good practices within the Group’s teams.

Security and Well-being at work

ALTEN watches over the quality of life at work for all its employees by providing a healthy, safe and stimulating environment.

The Group deploys a comprehensive approach to preserving and protecting the health and safety of its employees. This strategy is based on risk prevention, training and awareness, the establishment of dedicated facilities and a regulatory watchdog service.

The renewal of the group’s MASE and CEFRI certifications demonstrates the efforts made and successes achieved through the procedures implemented by ALTEN’s health and safety management system.

An agreement for the prevention of stress was signed between Senior Management and the Trade Unions in October 2010. In this respect, nearly 300 employees have been trained in stress management since 2011.


Corporate citizen


Student entrepreneurship, promoting engineering professions among young wmen… ALTEN strives to enhance the standing of engineering professions and scientific careers.

Stimulator of innovation


Concurrently with its participation in customer projects, ALTEN implements its own R&D process to develop the product and service supply and the skills of the future.

ALTEN environment-friendly


From the management of its waste to setting up activities on new sites, journeys made by its staff and its internal it solutions, the group applies concrete actions on a daily basis to ensure greater respect for the environment.