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To reduce
our environmental impact

Alten is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its activities and protecting biodiversity by implementing  meaningful actions tailored to its business model. The ALTEN environment stewardship system is certified ISO 14001.

Management of greenhouse gas emissions

Every three years, ALTEN assesses its Carbon Footprint to measure CO2 emissions and reduce its impact on the environment through the establishment of a priority action plan. Greenhouse gas emissions are one of the indicators used by the Group to successfully carry out its plans to reduce its environmental footprint.

Eco-efficient buildings

Photos-Ampère 001

Whenever possible, ALTEN prefers eco-designed buildings with the highest possible environmental certification and primary energy consumption (heating, air conditioning, ventilation) of less than 40 kWh/m²/year for optimal economic performance. The move in 2011 to the “ecoLucioles” building at Sophia Antipolis, which is both BBC (Low-Energy Building) and HQe® (High Environmental Quality) certified, marked the start of this process.



Employee travel


Employee travel produces about 75% of the Group’s carbon footprint (extract from 2014 ALTEN report). To reduce the environmental impact, ALTEN provides employees with e-learning eco-driving courses. Since 2011, about 3652 employees have taken advantage of this programme.

At the same time, listed company vehicles in the ALTEN fleet are all models with low CO2 emissions.

Finally, the Group has deployed an audio and web conference solution. This application avoids employees having to travel to meet contacts working in seven different countries. Thus, in the light of the ALTEN group’s international expansion, it is no longer necessary to travel across France, Europe or the world for meetings that only last a few hours.

Environment and IT


As part of the modernization of its information system, ALTEN is responding to its partners’ safety and performance requirements by developing its server infrastructure into a “Private cloud Data centre” solution. The IT infrastructures at company HQ in Boulogne-Billancourt have been moved to a Data center, certified to standards ISO 27001, 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 1881.



Supporting the development of environmentally-friendly solutions daily

Raising employees’ awareness

Throughout the year, ALTEN kept its employees informed of key events relating to sustainable development, with a view to making eco-friendly behaviours the driving force behind reducing the Group’s environmental impact. A dedicated intranet page, an e-learning course, articles in the in-house magazine and events are dedicated to eco-friendly attitudes.

Paper life cycle management

Sensibilisation Enfants

ALTEN has equipped more than  90 % of site areas with a selective sorting system and related instructions. Additionally, for its printer pool, ALTEN has listed 100% recycled FSC certified paper to its catalogue replacing traditional white paper, excepting headed paper. Finally, the support for reforestation in Peru is one of ALTEN’s commitments for the protection of biodiversity. ALTEN has financed the protection of more than 15,000 trees growing in the José Ignacio Tavara community since 2011.



A responsible employer


ALTEN has implemented a dynamic Human Resources management policy focusing on diversity and skills development, in order to foster and develop talent.

Corporate citizen


Student entrepreneurship, promoting engineering professions among young wmen… ALTEN strives to enhance the standing of engineering professions and scientific careers.

Stimulator of innovation


Concurrently with its participation in customer projects, ALTEN implements its own R&D process to develop the product and service supply and the skills of the future.