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of students

ALTEN strives to enhance the standing of engineering professions and scientific careers and encourages student entrepreneurship in order to foster excellence among the engineers of the future.



The group pursued its active international recruitment policy, welcoming more than 3,000 young engineers and employees with high potential, among 50% of them had graduated less than two years previously.

The Group develops partnerships with engineering schools, universities and business schools, and goes out to meet students by participating in job search preparatory forums, fairs and workshops, for instance the ALTEN Job Tour.


CNJE – French National Confederation of Junior-Enterprises


Signed in late 2011, the partnership linking ALTEN with the CNJE, France’s leading student network, is based on a shared desire to promote and foster entrepreneurship among students.

ALTEN helps young entrepreneurs through skills-transfer sessions to develop their group studying activities and build their individual career plans.


Work-study placements: a springboard for young people

CNJE-Stéphane Dahan et les étudiantsALTEN supports work-study students for their entry into the world of employment, training them for careers in engineering and technology consultancy, employing in-house tutors who monitor the transfer of skills.




Promoting engineering professions

“Elles Bougent”: encouraging career progression


Too few young women choose to train in scientific or engineering subjects and they are still under-represented in engineering professions. With ALTEN’s support since 2009, the “Elles Bougent” association (roughly translated as “women on the move”) gives young students a chance to discover the exciting careers of women engineers. Several opportunities for meetings and discussions between students and ALTEN sponsors have been created.

“Les Elles d’ALTEN ”: ALTEN’s female employee network


Last year saw the creation of ALTEN’s internal network, “Elles”, made up of around 80 of the group’s female employees and comprising both engineers and business managers. The objective of this network is to foster cross-departmental interaction between female employees, promote gender equality and female leadership within the group and help increase the recruitment of female engineers.

Spotlight on the engineers of the year


A responsible employer


ALTEN has implemented a dynamic Human Resources management policy focusing on diversity and skills development, in order to foster and develop talent.

Stimulator of innovation


Concurrently with its participation in customer projects, ALTEN implements its own R&D process to develop the product and service supply and the skills of the future.

ALTEN environment-friendly


From the management of its waste to setting up activities on new sites, journeys made by its staff and its internal it solutions, the group applies concrete actions on a daily basis to ensure greater respect for the environment.