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a stimulator of innovation
with our customers

Image1ALTEN is dedicated to offering its customers innovative, sustainable solutions that meet their current and future needs, thanks to the expertise of its employees in internal and external R&D projects.

In a fast globalising world, ALTEN integrates with the R&D strategy of its clients to support performance and partner them in breaking into new markets. ALTEN is active in more than 20 countries, covers the whole development cycle and offers a choice of service levels, from technology consulting to full-blown project outsourcing. It is the technology partner of choice for europe’s leading companies.

The ETC sector has undergone major transformation and the ways itservices clients have also evolved.

The leading ETC companies are becoming technology partners, helping to improve the efficiency of R&D operations and identify potential productivity gains.

ALTEN positions itself as an R&D catalyst for customers through:

  • the ability to deliver research workpackages, which requires tools, processes and project management skills as well as cutting-edge technological expertise;
  • an ability to leverage the experience of our experts, present in all areas and all countries where our clients develop R&D activity;
  • positioning across the whole of each business segment, from system specifications to design, testing and going into production, thereby reducing times-to-market to a minimum.

In-house R&D investment


Besides its involvement in clients’ innovative projects, ALTEN has since 2010 been funding its own R&D effort. Research focuses on developing new offers and skills that will be useful for future projects.

These investments qualify ALTEN to make authoritative recommendations for technological options and innovation, and also to develop the skills of the future that will be implemented by our customers.

ALTEN’s R&D programmes are premised on sustainable development and seek to reconcile economic,environmental and social considerations in the worldof high-tech projects. They are structured around four themes:

  • global security and risk management
  • sustainable mobility
  • energy performance
  • quality of life and personal services

Some ALTEN R&D projects examples :

  • Energy-storage project based on the electrochemical relationships between metal and air;
  • Emergency drone system in partnership with SWAT;
  • Support systems for the visually impaired in partnership with major laboratories;
  • Retinal pathology imaging solutions in partnership with dedicated laboratories


French National Engineering Prize


On 25 october 2012,ALTEN’s innovative work in the field of energy production and storage was rewarded with the French national engineering Prize in the “industry” category, awarded under the patronage of the French ministry for ecology, sustainable Development and energy (MEDDE), the ministry for industrial Renewal (MRP) and the association of engineering Syntec-ingénierie. How do we respond to the issue of rarefaction of energy? The winning project was an exclusive partnership with a technology SME that came up with an innovative energy-storage solution based on the electrochemical relationships between metal and air.

Progress suggests a host of possible applications :

  • As a range-extender for electric vehicles
  • As an alternative to back-up generators in hospitals, datacentres and sensitive industrial sites
  • To supply military equipment in the field
  • To provide energy in isolated regions


A responsible employer


ALTEN has implemented a dynamic Human Resources management policy focusing on diversity and skills development, in order to foster and develop talent.

Corporate citizen


Student entrepreneurship, promoting engineering professions among young wmen… ALTEN strives to enhance the standing of engineering professions and scientific careers.

ALTEN environment-friendly


From the management of its waste to setting up activities on new sites, journeys made by its staff and its internal it solutions, the group applies concrete actions on a daily basis to ensure greater respect for the environment.