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ALTEN in Germany Leader in the aerospace and automotive industries

Leader in Aerospace & Automotive industries, Germany is the largest R&D investor in Europe. Its investments reached $90.9 billion in 2012, representing about 2.9% of the GDP and 6.1% of worldwide investments.
Components of the powerful industry in Germany are not only the transportation sector including aerospace and automotive, but all key industries like energy, IT services and telecommunication, medical engineering and customer electronic. All of these sectors are competence fields of ALTEN in Germany.

ALTEN Germany´s competitive advantage is a customer-supplier-relationship, which is appreciated by the industry and highly integrated in the German business.

Advantages at a glance:

  • 15 branches including competence centers forming a wide-ranging network
  • support for development of local industries in their conquest of foreign markets (China, North America)
  • profound technological knowledge in systems engineering, electronics, mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering and customer support
  • presence in all key industries to implement gateways both technological and methodological

In view of the high potential offered by the German market, the development of ALTENs position in Germany is one of the strategic priorities of the ALTEN group. ALTEN Germany aims to become the leader of R&D outsourcing.

ALTEN Technology :
DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN 9100:2009
ALTEN Engineering :
DIN ISO 14001, DIN EN ISO 9001-2008


  • ALTEN Technology

    Fangdieckstraße 66
    22547 Hamburg

    P : +49 40 853390-0
    F : +49 40 853390-99
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  • ALTEN Engineering

    Rosenauer Straße 27
    96450 Coburg

    P : +49 95 615533-0
    F : +49 95 615533-88
    See the website

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News ALTEN at the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2017: making virtual reality a powerful engineering tool

ALTEN Group, through german subsidiaries ALTEN Technology and ALTEN GmbH, will showcase their engineering skills during the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2017 in Hamburg.


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