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Aeronautics & Space

15.6%of revenue
in 2017

Technological challenges

In a context of high-growth, companies in the aeronautics sector are faced with a large number of challenges: securing of production ramp-ups, integration of new technologies, maintenance performance, digitalization of services and processes, etc. In the space sector, competition between the United States and Europe fosters innovation and investment.


The Group’s product and service supply is particularly well suited to the major challenges facing the industry:

  • Aircraft manufacturers and OEM’s are transforming their production tool and logistics chain by integrating new technologies: robots, augmented reality, big data, 3D printing, etc. mobilising ALTEN know-how in lean manufacturing, supply chain and digitalization.
  • The MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) market follows the development of the sector. ALTEN supports airlines, on behalf of its client manufacturers with the challenges related to technical documentation, Integrated Logistics, maintainability and aircraft upgrading.
  • The drop in launch costs promise the steady growth of launches in the coming years. Widespread access to satellite data has encouraged the arrival of new private and institutional players on this market.
  • ALTEN Delivery Centers (ADC) in Romania, Morocco and India are production facilities providing quality and competitive prices, plus the possibility of billing in dollars.

In all these areas, ALTEN deploys the full range of its engineering expertise across the Product Life Cycle: studies and design of complex systems, transversal skilled sectors supporting these developments (quality, configuration management), management of major programs (PMO), customer support and training.



  • Nearly 3,500 engineers serving Aerospace. 

  • ISO 14001 certified, project methodologies evaluated to CMMI – SVC level 3.

  • ALTEN has become established as a technology partner of choice through:

    • An ability to mobilize resources, to engage in projects with standardized processes and tools and to quickly transform forms of assistance;
    • Recognized expertise in specialized areas such as weight management, lean manufacturing and satellite integration;
    • Cross-functional support to major deal makers in both the development and design of complex systems and in cross-departmental business functions (quality, PMO, PLM, etc.);
    • A capacity to take ownership of transnational projects (France, Germany, Spain, UK, India);
    • Operations in India allowing it to integrate part of the offset markets of manufacturers.

Product & Service Supply


  • Product engineering

    • Aerostructure
    • Electronic systems
    • Mechanical systems
    • Installation
    • Cabin
  • Management and oversight of QCDP projects

  • Manufacturing engineering

  • Supply chain Management

  • Customer support

  • Process & standards


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One of the challenges faced by aircraft manufacturers is to meet delivery times for orders placed by airline companies. Another challenge is to optimise the rate of availability for aircraft in operation and provide innovative and diversified services to both companies and their customers. Customer Support is a key lever when it comes to harnessing […]

range of services

ALTEN offers different service levels to provide the best response to clients’ needs

Alten's 3 services

  • Engineering and Technology Consultancy

    77%of revenue
    in 2017

    Studies and conception of technological products, for technical divisions in industry.

  • Networks, Telecoms and Multimedia

    15%of revenue
    in 2017

    Engineering for product design (terminals or networking equipment) Network architecture, deployment and operation.

  • Information Systems

    8%of revenue
    in 2017

    Customised development of IT systems, for information systems departments in industry, telecoms and the service sector.

ALTEN, the European leader in engineering and technology consulting, provides support for its clients’ development strategies in the fields of innovation, R&D and it systems.

Its 24,700 top engineers carry out studies and conception projects for the technical and information systems divisions of large corporate clients in the industrial, telecommunications and services sectors.