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2.7%of revenue
in 2017

Technological challenges

The rail sector is seeking to improve its competitiveness with the digitisation of signalling systems, the improvement of on-board connectivity and the optimisation of its production to cope better with new entrants and the increasingly present Chinese competitors.

The various players of the railway sector are investing massively in new generations of signalling systems such as ERTMS (Europe) and PTC (United States). Using wireless telecommunications technology (GSM) and communicating on-board electronic systems.

On the other hand, the improvement of high-speed rolling stock continues: 2016 was particularly marked by the launch of the new TGV-NG (new generation) project and the Amtrak bullet train contract in the United States.

To draw in the new connected generation, rail manufacturers and transport players continue to deploy the 3G/4G network, in collaboration with telecommunications operators. In France, the SNCF and RATP are targeting a coverage of 90% of users by 2020.

Plant optimisation have also become a major concern. Alstom has set up a new organisation that brings its global plants into competition with each other, and Bombardier has begun the integration of new technologies, such as augmented reality, into its plants.


ALTEN Added value

  • 500 engineers serving the Railway industry at the end 2016

  • Significant positions in France, Italy, Germany, Canada, Spain, the USA and Russia.

  • Over 50% of projects in workpackage mode.


Product & Service Supply

  • Rolling stock

  • Signalling

  • Infrastructures

  • Passenger services

range of services

ALTEN offers different service levels to provide the best response to clients’ needs


An agenda of product evolution


International Railways: a rapidly-evolving global market

The global rail market is expected to grow on average by 2.6% per year between now and 2017 and over 70% of the population will be living in cities in 2050, particularly in emerging countries. Acknowledged French expertise in rail… France is the world’s third rail power after China and Germany. Between 5 and 6 […]


signalling Advances in signalling and enhancement of the traveller experience

With travellers now the very centre of attention, railway operators are looking to provide services that are better suited to changing needs and behaviours by designing innovations into their signalling systems.


Infrastructure Respond to the development of an intermodal and connected network

Faced with the increasing mobility of citizens and new consumer habits, an increasingly connected and intermodal transport network is gaining ground and requires the development of appropriate solutions.

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